Programming for Robotics – ROS: Exercise 1

Recently, I found an interesting website to learn about ROS and Gazebo. This website is provided by Robotic System Lab – ETH Zurich. Even though I’ve made several ROS project, including the one for my internship at ProtoSpace Toulouse – Airbus, the online course has a lot to offer about ROS.

The first lecture is an introduction to ROS, such as masters, nodes, topics, and launch files. The lecture file can be found in this link. At the end of the lecture, an exercise is given which require students to control a simulation in gazebo using keyboard input as well as to make a launch file.

Exercise 1

The video above is a simulation of the exercise, controlled by keyboard using teleop_twist_keyboard.

Thanks to Robotic Systems Lab – ETH Zurich for sharing this helpful course!

For my internship, I made a controller for a rover using keyboard. Then I replaced the keyboard with a self-made GUI. The rover is controlled by using Pixhawk and connected to a Raspi. On the GUI side, it is made by using pygame library running on Raspi. Both are working on ROS and connected through a local network. Below is the picture of the GUI. The documentation of the Rover and GUI can be found here.


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