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  • Tips Main Katla, Ini Dia Tebakan Pertama Terbaik

    February 16, 2022 by

    Setelah permainan tebakan kata Wordle viral dan dimainkan jutaan orang, Indonesia punya versinya sendiri! Katla, adalah versi Indonesia dari game tersebut. Dibuat oleh Fatih Katlifa, game ini kini meramaikan jagat Twitter, TikTok, dan Instagram Indonesia. Cara bermain Katla cukup sederhana, sama seperti aturan Wordle. Mengutip dari situsnya, setiap tebakan harus merupakan kata valid 5 huruf… Read more

  • What’s the Best Initial Guess for Wordle?

    January 10, 2022 by

    Recently, a daily word game called Wordle has gone viral on Twitter. The rule of the game is simple, guess a five letters word in 6 tries. Some of the hint after guessing a word is shown in the figure below. I found the game as interesting and challenging since there are hundreds of thousands… Read more

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